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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Get More Positive Reviews

Improve the Working Environment

Attract and Retain Quality Employees

Build a Successful

Make More Money

I know from experience that owning a small business is hard.
It’s harder without confidence in client engagement, networking, or employee interaction.
And if you’re experiencing conflict, personal or professional, it can be overwhelming.


“But that’s not what I meant!”
Reduce the Gap Between Intended and Perceived Communication


Communication is what you say, how you say it, how you act and react, and how you behave.
I call it my 3E Lens for Success: English, Etiquette, and Ethics.


Without effective communication skills, your business will suffer…

You'll Get Poor Reviews

Customers Won't Call Back

You Won't Attract or Retain Quality Employees

You'll Avoid Networking Events

Your Business Won't Grow

You'll Lose Money

Why Brooks Coaching?

Many small business owners have sunk a ton of money into their businesses yet wonder why the phone isn’t ringing. They’re losing confidence along with customers and, in some cases, employees.

A small business coach can provide accountability, share unbiased insight into your current situation, and give a fresh perspective on problems and possible blind spots. A small business coach can guide you to a more successful outcome.

Small Business Coaching with a Focus on Communication.

At Brooks Coaching, I help my clients improve their communication and social skills while tackling real-world business issues together. My clients know that clear communication is a direct path to happy customers, a positive work environment, and a healthy bottom line.

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Working with Brooks Coaching can help you...

Improve Communication Skills
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Get More Positive Reviews
Attract and Retain Quality Employees
Gain Confidence
Make More Money


"This is the most authentic class I've ever had. Bonnie is such a decent and experienced 'teacher' to me. She is very down-to-earth and very professional at what she is doing. Thank you so much for your generous and genuine help Bonnie!"

- Haipei

"Bonnie provided critical feedback on our draft PowerPoint presentation for our new Lifestyle Coaching business. Her attention to detail on each slide provided us the much-needed finishing “touches” to create a powerful and professional presentation. I would highly recommend Bonnie (Brooks Coaching) for coaching and mentoring any small business (whatever your needs) i.e., marketing, public speaking, general presentation, etc."

- Janice Donovan, RN, Journey Fitness 333 Co-owner

"Thank you very much for helping me to improve my interview technique, it really helps me a lot. Your clear instruction gives me ideas how to prepare for interview. I really appreciate your time, kindness and encouragement. It definitely helps build my confidence!!!"

- Ari

"I really enjoyed our conversation on Saturday! There were so many fantastic ideas that you came up with, I can't wait to try them."

- Eric

"Bonnie has been incredibly valuable to me in fine tuning my business presentation. She was able to point out everything from minor grammatical errors, to teaching me the purpose for each of my slides and what to adjust, as well as how to deliver my presentation in a way that is concise and engaging to my audience. Additionally, she made all her suggestions in a way that made me understand why and in a comforting manner. I also appreciated Bonnie showing up to our appointment prepared, energetic and giving her undivided attention. That goes a long way with me. I'm super grateful for Bonnie's expertise."

- Tricia Hoyt, Journey Fitness 333 Co-Owner

"Absolutely amazing event. Lots of real life skills and insight. Looking forward to connecting and learning more."

- Stephanie

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I know time and money can be tight when growing a small business.


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Every business is built on words. The clearer your communication, the more successful you can become.

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