Brooks Coaching

Meet Bonnie Brooks Roberts

I’ve always loved English and language, from reading to writing to discovering how language and culture intertwine. It’s a passion of mine that fuels the work I do with my clients at Brooks Coaching.

Throughout my Navy career, I had the opportunity to live in several different countries and experience many different cultures. So I know what it’s like to be in a community where I didn’t understand the language and no one could understand me.

I also understand the stress of being a business owner and know how difficult it can be to earn every dollar. The home care industry has a high employee turnover rate, and my agency was in a very competitive market. Yet, I successfully built my home care business to over 50 employees and eventually sold it in 2018.

After selling my home care agency, I began teaching English as a Second Language online to students in China through VIPKid. This experience sparked a fire in me to work with those who spoke English well but needed guidance with conversation.

In addition to my formal education at New Hampshire College, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, my training includes the following:

I’ve also mentored many small businesses through my leadership in Business and Professional Women (BPW)/Greater Londonderry and the Greater Derry Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.

Being in business is challenging. Being in business while struggling with communication issues and unfamiliar social expectations can feel downright overwhelming. 

I work with small business owners and professionals who want to grow but are held back by ineffective communication. 

My Business Communication Coaching is for You if: 

Why Clients Enjoy Working with Me: 

Effective communication skills are vital to reaching your goals and achieving your dreams. 

The Fun Facts (what I do when I’m not working!)
When not working with clients, I love running! I’ve been running for pleasure for 35 years, and my goal is to still be running when I’m 80 years old. I love listening to music and reading and usually have at least three books going at once. My partner Kevin and I will travel in search of good live music and enjoy blues and classic rock. We love adventure and happily zig and zag through life. I’m also a techno-geek and embrace all things technology. 

I’d love to connect with you and learn what you love to do when not working!