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Meet Bonnie Brooks Roberts

I’ve been fascinated by language and culture all my life. There were no dolls for this little girl. All I wanted was books, books, and more books!

My love of learning, language, and culture has come in handy throughout my life and laid a solid foundation for my eclectic career.

While at first glance, it appears that I’ve jumped all over the place in a chaotic, random way, there was a logical progression I’d be glad to share over a cup of coffee or glass of wine if you’re interested in the unabridged version. 

For now, though, I’ll ask you to trust me when I tell you that there was a logical progression and that all the “iterations of Bonnie,” while strikingly different on the surface, have at their core a heavy focus on paperwork and communication. 

Those who don’t know me probably wonder what I mean by “strikingly different.” Well then, let me tell you a story …

After high school, I wanted to go to college so bad I could taste it, but my parents couldn’t afford it. Scholarships and financial aid weren’t as readily available back then, so I needed to figure out how to get my degree independently. No one was going to do it for me. If I wanted it, I needed to make it happen.

How did I do it? I joined the Navy! And while my 4-year degree took 20 years to achieve, I earned that walk across the stage.

I was in the Navy for 22 years. I served 13 years on active duty and nine years in the Reserves, although one of those years was back on active duty since I was mobilized for a year following the attacks on 9/11. During that time, I lived in several foreign countries and had first-hand experience with language barriers and diverse cultural challenges.

In my experience, no leadership training or cultural communication program is available that surpasses a career in the United States Navy.

After I left active duty, I became a police officer in a local department. Talk about a crash course in problem-solving and conflict resolution! Let’s just say that three and a half years on third-shift patrol is an intense classroom.

Fast forward a few years, and I was returning from deployment when I was asked to join the family construction business as the business and safety manager. We were a Boston-area general contracting company that focused on commercial and industrial renovation and specialized in laboratories, cleanrooms, and high-tech manufacturing.

It should come as no surprise with my military and police background that I’m a rules girl, and I was the business and safety manager. Suffice it to say that it didn’t always make for conflict-free communication.

All was going well until 2008. Remember 2008? The economy was tanking. Because commercial construction typically lags behind the economy, we knew it was just a matter of time before we’d feel the effects of the downturn. We also knew it made more sense for me to find a different job. 

I’m sure some of you remember what it was like in 2008. Here in New England, it seemed like every other person was getting laid off. There were few jobs to be had, so what’s a girl to do? I decided that instead of trying to find a job, I’d buy a franchise and start a business. Why not? What else would I do with my life savings? 

That’s another long story I won’t bore you with, but after much research and vetting, I purchased my home care franchise. I built my agency to over 50 employees and successfully sold it five years ago.

Now do you understand what I meant by “eclectic” and a common thread of paperwork and communication? Right? Every one of them (and those were just the highlights) – reams of paperwork and crucial, often high-stress, communication skills.

I should also mention that from the time I arrived at my first duty station until today, I’ve been a serial volunteer. I’ve volunteered in many roles across many organizations and served on many boards of directors. 

Today, all of my leadership, business, and communication experience has culminated in Brooks Coaching, my small business and family caregiver coaching practice. 

In addition to my formal education at New Hampshire College, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, my training includes the following:

My Coaching Might be for You if: 

Why Clients Enjoy Working with Me: 

My joy and passion is to provide affordable, practical small business and family caregiver coaching that helps my clients achieve and maintain a smooth work/life rhythm.

The Fun Facts (what I do when I’m not working!)
When not working with clients, I love running! I’ve been running for pleasure for over 36 years, and my goal is to still be running when I’m 80 years old (and beyond). I love listening to music and reading and usually have at least three books going at once. My partner Kevin and I will travel in search of good live music and especially enjoy blues and classic rock. We love adventure and happily zig and zag through life. I’m also a techno-geek and embrace all things technology. Oh, and I recently discovered an obsession with crochet!

I’d love to connect with you and learn what you love to do when not working.